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Securing Your Future Preserving Your Legacy

Olistico Wealth is a private, independent wealth advisory firm for high net worth families in the Midwest. By developing relationships with affluent families and individuals, often multi-generational, we strive to provide exceptional service and solutions for unique and complex financial circumstances.

Advice and Solutions for the Life You Lead

Affluence is an opportunity our clients face in an ever-changing financial climate. Olistico is a high-end boutique firm composed of educated executives and experienced wealth managers who specialize in proactive and personalized service to wealthy families and individuals facing various financial choices at all life stages. Clients rely on us to provide comprehensive planning and guidance reflecting their unique circumstances, including investment consulting, relationship management, legacy transitioning, and business owner succession strategies.

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About Olistico & How We Help Clients

Before our clients make a financial decision, Olistico consults them to determine the most prudent action. Our team has three decades of experience managing our clients’ financial lives and keeping them informed on preserving their wealth and reaching their personal goals. Our firm is selective about who we work with to ensure our services are the right fit for their needs, and we strive to provide economically sound guidance and insight to help our clients. Families and individuals with presently earned wealth need practical advice and foresight on their wealth management. We have a clientele including multi-generational affluent families, business owners, and corporate executives. Our focus is getting to know our clients’ present and future financial ambitions and responsibilities and building trust to serve them with planned strategies specific to their situations. We value personal goals and life events and understand the impact a person’s wealth has on achieving them.

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Wealth Managers Offering Superior Service

We maintain strong, long-term relationships with our clients, organizing all types of investments, transferring assets, and managing family debts. We make our expertise accessible 24/7 to ensure our clients always have us available to guide them when making a financial decision. A family legacy takes professional navigation that transcends shortsighted market predictions, which can result in monetary losses and other issues in the long run. Our top priority is to provide the right decision first that benefits our clients’ wealth management overall. The work we do for our clients is extensive but helps us eliminate mistakes and narrows financial choices to the best options.

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Personalized Service From Experienced Wealth Experts

We are proud of the personalized and all-encompassing services we provide to affluent families and professionals. With our experience and in-depth financial expertise, we tailor our innovative financial planning and guidance with clear communication and high-end technology to understand a client’s personal and financial life.

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2431 East 61st Street
Tulsa, OK 74136

P: 918-863-2005

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